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Hope on Earth

Aug 29th @ 12pm (Pacific)

Donation Based | Recording Available

If you are alive on the planet earth right now, you are probably struggling with the weight of the climate crisis. I offer a bit of a break from the traumatic news cycle, climate collapse anxiety, and hopelessness.
Hope, we have learned, is a practice. It is something we cultivate and build. Hope is work. And thats because
Hope is a tool for revolution.
So much of what we experience in the media seems to be an effort to kill all hope and encourage dependance. A hopeless people is a compliant people. This cannot be.
Join me in meditation as we journey to envision the new world. We will meet the earth in balance, we will learn about its resiliency and mutability. The earth will teach us regeneration so that we may carry these visions of a better world with us. Then nurture them and deliver them when they are ready to be born. This is NOT a space for bypassing action, rather a place to begin. A seed planted in all of us that will grow into a movement. Meet me in the Spirit world and be a force for good.


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