Sage Studies Book Club!

Want to read more magical texts? Would you love to read along with other open-minded seeker types to hold you accountable? Do you want to attend and participate in IG live discussions throughout the read? Well, you're in the right place! 

Take a look at the details below & sign up!

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Sage Studies

  • Read a different book every Astrological season! 

  • Book discussions will be held 1/2 way thru and when we complete each book.

  • Discussions held on Instagram live with ample opportunities to join Krysta to share your thoughts!

  • Books will be announced with at least 2 weeks notice to secure your copy.

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What we read last time

We were reading

You Were Born for This by Chani Nicholas

for Virgo Season.

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Watch Live Part 2


Currently Reading

The choice for Libra Season has been chosen!

Becoming Dangerous by Katie West and Jasmine Elliot 

Live Show discussion

Oct 25th 12:30pm

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See you then!